My Weight Loss Journey: The Health and Fitness Apps That Help Me

I’m back with the second post in the series. I haven’t gained or lost any weight in the last 15 days, but wisdom? Oh yes!

I workout at home and am religiously regular at that. I find working out at home to be workable for me as it gives me the liberty to do whatever I want to do or whatever I’m in the mood for. Wondering what do I do when I need guidance? I use mobile apps, lots of them. Here are some that I use often:


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Back to Basics : With White, Denim and Fringe

Denim, white and fringe

Denim, white and fringe

Denim, white and fringe

Denim, white and fringe

Denim, white and fringe

I have always been a fan of white shirts with denim. It’s a classic combination that looks casual and sophisticated at the same time. Simple and chic.

And now that I have coloured my hair red, I have been gravitating more towards simple and clean looks. I guess because it makes the hair stand out even more. The hair is my statement accessory now.

Speaking of accessories, I love how these blue shoes and the fringe bag have completed the look. Totally in love with the bag. Very boho and chic. Fringe is huge this year! It has been taking spotlight on the runway and the streets. It has become so popular that it can be considered a wardrobe staple now.

This look just goes to show that a classic look can be pepped up with accessories. You can take the most basic ensemble and tweak it to your own style.

For those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear and need to get dressed in minutes, go ahead and pull out the basics and your favourite accessories. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with “trends” and tend to over-think our outfits. Basics are the saviours.

Photographs by Amrita Rana

White Shirt : Wills (similar here) | Denim Shorts : Forever 21 (similar here)

Blue Shoes : Tresmode (similar here) | Fringe Bag : Koovs (here)

Necklace : Bali | Blue ring : Forever 21

Charm Bracelet : Colaba Causeway | Silver anklet : Gift from mom

On the Lips: LA Splash Lip Couture in Poison Apple (here)

Until next time, stay stylish!



My Weight Loss Journey : The Mind, Books and Meditation

Lately I have been reading and absorbing a lot thus wasn’t writing, and now that I have some gyaan that I want to share with you all, I just couldn’t wait to write this.

Two books that have made an impact on me recently are The Book of Kali by Seema Mohanty and Lighten up your body- Lighten up your life by Lucia Capacchione.

I gained about 15 kgs in a year and have managed to lose around 3-4 kgs in the last one month, only by controlling what I eat and a little exercise here and there. It’s not just the weight that was bothering me. It was the health problems it brought along with it. I became very negative.

How am I turning it around?

Meditation and by maintaining a body journal. I knew if I want to achieve something I have to start with my mind. I had to make myself believe that I can get back to the body I had if I start treating it the way I did it before the weight gain. I had to be that positive person again and that’s why I made my mind my priority.

If you are wondering how can meditation help you with weight loss: A lot of times, we don’t get to know the real reason of the weight loss because you don’t see and hear the signals your body is giving you. With meditation, you start interacting with your body and you start listening to yourself and discuss your deep down problems with yourself. And by maintaining a body journal, you give your body a chance to vent out and say exactly what it feels.

This might sound preachy but start with this little exercise mentioned below and start feeling the difference.

From the book of Kali, I learned about the appearance of Kali, why she looks the way she does and why one should embrace their dark side and move ahead with optimism and power in life. Even the Bhagvad Gita states that “one is one’s own friend or one’s own enemy”.

I’ll keep sharing more exercises for the mind and the body in this series to help you connect with yourself.

Whatever you think you can do, begin it,
For in action, there is magic, grace and power. – Goethe

Until next time,