The Land Rover Experience


Recently, I was fortunate enough to be one of the few bloggers to be invited by Jaguar Land Rover India and Blogadda to the Land Rover Experience. An opportunity to drive the Land Rover off-road. I had never gone off-roading before and was really kicked about this.

We left for Aambey Valley at 7am, and by the time we reached, the weather was sunny yet pleasant enough for a day full of adventure. After a hearty breakfast, we were introduced to the Land Rover range, and an intriguing lil’ feature called Hill Descent Control (HDC). A feature that controls the car on a hill descent, without any need for braking. I couldn’t wait.

The Land Rover Experience

The Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery

We were all given one car each, with an instructor. An instructor was necessary as the terrain was rocky and difficult, and the instructor was familiar with it. I got a white Land Rover Discovery, and off we went.

Throughout the drive, I was amazed at the capabilities of the car. Despite the rocky terrain, driving felt like a piece of cake. The car did most of the work, and the HDC feature is clearly a win. I could literally feel the car braking without me doing anything.

The interiors of the entire range of these cars are plush with leather seats and equipped with the latest amenities.

The Land Rover Experience

The Land Rover Experience

My drive for the day

The Land Rover Experience

The terrain at Aambey Valley

It was such a thrill driving on the rocky, hilly and slippery terrain. Thank you to my instructor Dijay for having the confidence in me! At one point, the car was literally at a 60 degree angle, and had it not been for the encouraging instructor, I would have lost it!

Overall, it was a fabulous day and one that I would always remember.

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