Wearing black in Summer

I am all for breaking fashion myths. Most people are unconvinced about wearing black in the summer, especially during daytime. But I feel like if you choose the right fabric, cut and style it right, the colour does not matter. Black is my go-to colour. Like there is comfort food, there are comfort colours and … Continue reading Wearing black in Summer

5 hot fashion trends to try this summer!

While summer staples like whites, floral and pastels hardly ever go out of style because of their sheer utility for the hot months, here’s a look at some off-the-wall and yet very wearable trends that you could try this year and add panache to your summer. So far in 2014, the runway has seen many … Continue reading 5 hot fashion trends to try this summer!

Outfit: The urban paradox

The pursuit for perfection is exhausting. Yet we are all so obsessed continually with the idea of presenting a perfect exterior to the world that we lose complete vision of our own surroundings. The world around us can be falling apart, and we would still be thinking about that presentation or that meeting. Well, that’s … Continue reading Outfit: The urban paradox