Loot from Delhi – Makeup and Beauty Haul

Hello there! I wanted to write A LOT for Beautifour in my summer break from college, but that vacation turned into an impromptu trip to one of my favorite cities, Delhi! Of course with the sale season going on, I couldn't stay without shopping and shopped for a lot of accessories & makeup. This post is dedicated to … Continue reading Loot from Delhi – Makeup and Beauty Haul

How to Rock Matte Lips – Lip Prep to Make the Color Last Longer

Matte lipsticks have been huge this year. Almost every brand has launched them. I, for one, have stopped using lip glosses at all. I think lipsticks look much more sophisticated and sexy. And matte textures are my favorite. When it comes to lipsticks, a matte one is the trickiest. If you do it right, it … Continue reading How to Rock Matte Lips – Lip Prep to Make the Color Last Longer

How to: lashes to kill!

We all know what our eyelashes have to go through. Layers of mascara, eyeliner which isn't always washed out properly, smudged kohl which got stuck and so much more. I personally give my eyelashes a pamper day. A day off, just like my skin gets a 'breathe' day. Which means: no makeup, only scrubbing, face … Continue reading How to: lashes to kill!

Overcome harsh winters in STYLE

How about we start with a simple game. I say winter and you tell me what you associate with wintertime. Hot chocolate? Mmm. Lying curled up on your sofa? Ah-uh. Ugly, woollen sweaters? WRONG! I say boots, scarves, hot skirts, berets and loads of accessories! Winter is all about showing off every single accessory you … Continue reading Overcome harsh winters in STYLE