Back to Basics : With White, Denim and Fringe

I have always been a fan of white shirts with denim. It's a classic combination that looks casual and sophisticated at the same time. Simple and chic. And now that I have coloured my hair red, I have been gravitating more towards simple and clean looks. I guess because it makes the hair stand out even more. … Continue reading Back to Basics : With White, Denim and Fringe

#ShadeOfTheWeek: Estee Lauder’s Maraschino

Hello lovelies! Today I introduce you to my current obsession. Majorly crushing on this shade called Maraschino by Estee Lauder. It is a warm red with subtle pink undertones, and perfect for the holiday season. Decently long lasting, creamy and glides on smoothly. It applies almost like a liquid lipstick and then dries to a … Continue reading #ShadeOfTheWeek: Estee Lauder’s Maraschino