highlighting and strobing

The Year of the Glow – Highlighting, Strobing and Healthy Skin

Undoubtedly, 2016 has been the year of the glow. While the past few years saw a surplus of looks with matte skin and heavily chiselled features, 2016 has been all about healthy looking skin that (seemingly) glows from within. Of course, either you glow from within, or there’s always makeup!  Highlighting has ruled the roost so far when … Continue reading The Year of the Glow – Highlighting, Strobing and Healthy Skin

The Renault Lodgy

In my previous post, I wrote about my experience at the Renault Lodgy and Blogadda event in Goa. Now here are my thoughts on the car. https://instagram.com/p/4JVpYPwJz6/ Picture courtesy: Renault I was really excited about driving the Lodgy as I had never driven an MPV before. The Lodgy lived up to my expectations by providing … Continue reading The Renault Lodgy

Zest-ing it up in Goa

I was invited by Blogadda to spend the weekend at Zuri, Goa along with 49 other bloggers from all over the country, to drive and experience Tata's new car, Zest. I'm live blogging this right now along with the other bloggers; some, furiously typing away. A sturdy drive, an exhilarating experience, a smooth pick up and … Continue reading Zest-ing it up in Goa

Review: Revlon One-Stroke Defining Eye Pencil (Blackest Black)

I never go by promises of brands. Yaa yaaa.. Must be one of their false claims. They must have swatched that kajal for over 5 times to get it so black.. These are my thoughts. Luckily, a guy swatched this AWESOME liner on my arm (and poor guy had a hard time wiping it off … Continue reading Review: Revlon One-Stroke Defining Eye Pencil (Blackest Black)