So, what exactly is a BB cream?

Every cosmetic company under the sun has launched a BB cream now. As I saw a few conversations on my twitter timeline, I realized that many women are not really aware of what a BB cream actually is. Among the uproar they created in the market, looks like these cosmetic companies actually forgot to tell … Continue reading So, what exactly is a BB cream?

What to gift your male valentine?

As we all know Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you might find Valentine's day one of the most romantic days everrrrr OR you find it hyped and very commercialized. Either way, you can't ignore Valentine's Day when committed. Like we all know, it's extremely tough to find a gift for guys. You … Continue reading What to gift your male valentine?

Overcome harsh winters in STYLE

How about we start with a simple game. I say winter and you tell me what you associate with wintertime. Hot chocolate? Mmm. Lying curled up on your sofa? Ah-uh. Ugly, woollen sweaters? WRONG! I say boots, scarves, hot skirts, berets and loads of accessories! Winter is all about showing off every single accessory you … Continue reading Overcome harsh winters in STYLE

Outfit: Of friends, and colored pants!

Preeti visited Bombay and coincidentally we were both wearing colored pants when we met! Colored pants are awesome and I am obsessed with my oxblood pants and oh! the funny part is, I have similar green pants like Preeti's! Preeti dressed her outfit in similar hues of greens and blues while I paired the pants … Continue reading Outfit: Of friends, and colored pants!