Back to Basics : With White, Denim and Fringe

I have always been a fan of white shirts with denim. It's a classic combination that looks casual and sophisticated at the same time. Simple and chic. And now that I have coloured my hair red, I have been gravitating more towards simple and clean looks. I guess because it makes the hair stand out even more. … Continue reading Back to Basics : With White, Denim and Fringe

Outfit: Baroque, Denim and White

I was thrilled when Jai and I decided to do a photo-shoot together. Jai is not just a fabulous artist, he's wonderful behind the camera too. We decided to go for a classic look, with a twist of course. I'm a sucker for accessories. The quirkier the better.   I wore my favorite new find, a baroque … Continue reading Outfit: Baroque, Denim and White