Overcome harsh winters in STYLE

How about we start with a simple game. I say winter and you tell me what you associate with wintertime. Hot chocolate? Mmm. Lying curled up on your sofa? Ah-uh. Ugly, woollen sweaters? WRONG! I say boots, scarves, hot skirts, berets and loads of accessories! Winter is all about showing off every single accessory you … Continue reading Overcome harsh winters in STYLE


Indradev keh gaye humse, aisa kalyug aayega.. Duniya mein aisi thand phelayenge, manush pareshaan ho jaayega! Hehe, you get a great remix if you sing that on ‘Ramchandra keh gaye Siya se’ 😀 Jokes apart, I am here to talk about layering.. Well of course you can make layering look fashionable. That’s why you’re reading … Continue reading LA..LAYER..LAYERING!