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The Body Shop Colour Crush Shine Lipstick – First Impression, Review and Swatch (shade no 18)

While I’m an eternal lover of red lipstick and also darker shades of red like burgundy, I keep coming back to pink lips. Nothing like a bright pink lip to brighten up your day and liven up your face. I go through phases where I wear pink lips every day and then I have a phase when I divert my attention to  oranges and nudes; red is always a staple. These days I’m in my pink lips phase, and I possibly came back to it thanks to Tina, the protagonist of Love, Whatever That Means, the book I just finished, and loved.


Tina loves pink lipstick, and expresses so quite often in this fun book! Having rediscovered my love for pink lips, I decided to try this beautiful pinky coral shade by The Body Shop from their Colour Crush range.


Product Description by the brand: This irresistible lipstick gives a sheer wash of color with a sorbet-fresh shine. Each moisture-rich lipstick is infused with a delicate rose fragrance. – Finely-crushed pigments for fresh, bright color – Conditions and moisturizes lips – 10 shades – Delicate rose fragrance.


Here are my thoughts.

The color is absolutely gorgeous and would suit most people. It is a subtle wash of pink. As far as the formula goes, it is buttery smooth and soft. It kinda reminds me of the Revlon lip butters but this is sheerer. The lipstick glides on the lips like a lip balm. I did notice that it tends to settle in the creases, so I would urge you to make sure your lips are in great condition before you wear this.

Most of the time, I do prefer lipsticks that are highly pigmented and give great color payoff. But there are days when I just want a hint of color and for such days The Body Shop Colour Crush Shine is perfect.
What I liked:

  • The texture is super smooth and soft.
  • The color is pretty!
  • Devoid of any parabens and nasty things.

What I didn’t like:

  • The color payoff might be disappointing for some.
  • Doesn’t last long; also transfers.

All in all, this is a good range for days when you want a hint of color and lots of shine.

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks are priced at Rs. 895 and you get 3.5 g of product.


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Want Great Skin? Here are 3 Things You Must Do


Everyone wants great skin but hardly anyone wants to put effort into it. That’s not how things work, folks! Most of us have skin that needs a little push to look awesome. Depending on your age and skin type, there are many different things that help but here are 5 things you absolutely SHOULD be doing – Continue reading “Want Great Skin? Here are 3 Things You Must Do”

highlighting and strobing

The Year of the Glow – Highlighting, Strobing and Healthy Skin

highlighting and strobing

Undoubtedly, 2016 has been the year of the glow. While the past few years saw a surplus of looks with matte skin and heavily chiselled features, 2016 has been all about healthy looking skin that (seemingly) glows from within. Of course, either you glow from within, or there’s always makeup!  Continue reading “The Year of the Glow – Highlighting, Strobing and Healthy Skin”

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Retro Blues – The Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

You know, I am one of those people who is really glad to live in a city like Mumbai, where the weather is tropical pretty much all year round. I have no problems whatsoever dealing with hot weather, in fact I quite love it. That is partly because I can wear summery dresses any time I want. You can probably tell by now that I am currently obsessing over off-shoulder silhouettes. Here are a few pictures in a blue bardot/off-shoulder maxi dress, which my sweet brother clicked during Rakhi. This dress is probably sold out now but here are a few similar ones. Happy shopping!

My outfit details:

Bardot Maxi Dress – Femella  | Sunglasses – Koovs | Necklace – Candidly Couture

I decided to go with an elegant, retro inspired look with the braid and the oversized sunglasses, to let the dress have it’s own moment.


bardot off shoulder maxi dress

bardot off shoulder maxi dress


bardot off shoulder maxi dress

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6 Steps to Perfect Skin in 2016

A new year is a sign that you should make fresh beginnings. Why not consider getting fresher, better skin in 2016? Here are 6 resolutions you should be making for perfect skin this year:

Clean your phone:

Your phone comes in contact with all kinds of surfaces all day and then you put it next to your cheek for hours. Not good, no? Time to start using disinfectant wipes and swipe that screen clean.

How many germs live on your cell phone?
Created by Oatmeal

Wash your face before sleeping:

Skin rejuvenates itself while you sleep, and if it is clogged with makeup and dirt, it cannot breathe. Promise yourself that you will wash your face before sleeping. In the absence of makeup remover, use baby oil/baby shampoo. Pour a tiny bit on a cotton pad and wipe off. For the drunk/lazy nights, keep makeup removal wipes on your dresser and use them before you crash.  Recommendation: Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover.

New folder (2)

Start a night regimen:

It is time to start using a hydrating night cream/serum/overnight mask that’ll repair and hydrate your skin while you sleep. After you have cleansed your skin, you need to feed it too! Make your night time ritual your “me time”. It’ll not only be a step towards great skin, it’ll relax you. Recommendation: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Overnight Mask.



Wash your makeup brushes:

Your makeup brushes accumulate a whopping amount of bacteria and breakout causing oils. Wash them regularly, so that you are not transferring bacteria from your face to your makeup kits and vice versa. Check out this post to learn how to clean your makeup brushes.


Drink water:

I know, I know. You have read this a 100 times before. Consider this a reminder, ok? Drink more water! If you don’t like the taste of water (like me), make infused water with anything you like! Mint, cucumber, ginger, apples, berries, cinnamon et al. (Want the recipes? Just ask in the comments below!) Also drink more green tea to add to the fluid intake.

Immersing your body's intake of water will immediately stimulate your kidneys, liver and digestive system's functions. These are the primary detox organs. It will boost your metabolism, which in turn accelerates toxin and fat elimination. That is why it's important to drink while using the Ultimate Body Applicator! I tell all my wrappers to drink 1/2 their body weight in water.:


Use sunscreen:

A lot of people I know think that sunscreen is too sticky, greasy etc. Not anymore! These days there are tons of lightweight sunscreens out there. Try: Neutrogena dry touch.

Wear sunscreen


I hope you follow these easy, simple steps. Here’s to glowing skin in 2016!