6 Steps to Perfect Skin in 2016

A new year is a sign that you should make fresh beginnings. Why not consider getting fresher, better skin in 2016? Here are 6 resolutions you should be making for perfect skin this year: Clean your phone: Your phone comes in contact with all kinds of surfaces all day and then you put it next … Continue reading 6 Steps to Perfect Skin in 2016

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Laser Hair Removal

  I have seen questions flying around about laser hair reduction all the time, especially on Twitter. Here I am, to quench your curiosity. Hair removal is an extremely personal and yet paradoxically controversial topic. Everyone should be free to do whatever they want with their bodies. If someone doesn’t want to remove hair anywhere … Continue reading All You Ever Wanted To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Men Fashion: Office Talks!

What’s common between all these hotties other than all of them being fabulous actors? Right! Their clothes! With the right tips and tricks you might be the new most eligible hottie in the office. How, you ask? Read on! Formal fashion isn’t really something we talk about daily. Most of the guys just have a shirt, … Continue reading Men Fashion: Office Talks!