The rise of VOD – and the top 3 shows I want to watch on OZEE

The far-reaching impact of the internet and innovations in computers paved the way for many cool things and one of the best ones is online VOD streaming. VOD entertainment is one of my favorite things about the internet, and also why I don’t own a television anymore. We live in an era of instant gratification. You know what I’m talking about. We like our relationships to begin with a right swipe, we like our noodles instant and we like our content available immediately on demand. One of the newest entrants in the ever growing VOD market is Ozee, Zee Network’s  OTT platform. Zindagi went digital since July 1, 2017 on OZEE and this has come as a fabulous news for content consumers like me who like to watch their favorite shows anytime, anywhere.

Here are some of the shows I am looking forward to watching on Ozee:

Kuzey Guney: The story of two brothers who are as different as chalk and cheese fall for the same girl. And then their lives take an unexpected turn. Looks really interesting! Looks like this one has romance, mystery and drama. Season 2 is currently running and season 1 is available on VOD. Time to binge watch!

Kuzey Guney

Total Dreamer: This show from Brazil is the story of a young girl who lives on the streets and suddenly finds the opportunity to follow her dreams. She runs into someone who offers her a dream career.  I love a good rags to riches story. Also, this one is also available  uncensored, which is always a plus.

Total Dreamer

Boys Over Flowers: I have always wanted to watch South Korean shows and this love story seems so intriguing! Jan Di, the female lead is someone who enters a new high school. How she responds to the other characters is what will make this so fun to watch. There’s also this notorious group of teenagers who kind of “rule” the high school. What fun!

Boys Over Flowers

Zee network has always brought us the best of international entertainment to us. And oh, who didn’t like looking at them beautiful faces on their channel Zindagi!


Media consumption is more and more happening in digital formats. The swift boost in the number of devices capable of supporting digital media along with the increasing internet speed has offered consumers an alternative to access the media content of choice.

Because of popular demand, Video on Demand services are all set to surpass TV viewership. The term “demand” is key, here. It illustrates a sense of urgency and want – an aversion to wait around for one’s favorite show to get on air. If we want to watch our show, we want to watch it now. And that is why online media consumption has witnessed extraordinary expansion over the last few years. Each year, an increasing number of viewers are letting go of expensive TV subscriptions and choosing subscription based VOD services instead.

And why not? Here are a few reasons why I prefer consuming my entertainment online on VOD rather than a television set.

  • Anytime, anywhere: The best thing about Video On Demand, is exactly what the name says. I can watch my favorite shows and programs, on demand, on my terms, at any time and at any place.
  • Binge watching: I am a binge watcher and love to watch tv shows episode after episode, instead of waiting for a day or sometimes even a week for the next episode. No need to break the storyline in your head!
  • No breaks between shows: Often, television shows have a commercial break every 5 minutes. While the internet has ads as well, the commercial breaks are either absent or not that many. And of course, one can get an ad free subscription.

For these reasons and more, it is not surprising that Zindagi has now gone completely digital and the shows are now available on their OTT platform Ozee. This move was made with the intent to develop digital engagement with audiences who love time-shifted viewing.

PS: This is a sponsored post.


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