5 essentials of skin-care for men

If you are one of those who think that moisturizer and face wash is for women, well mister! I got news for you! No woman likes dry skin or acne on her man!

You don’t need to use your girlfriend’s products (although there is no harm if you do). There are tons and tons of products available in the market for men. They are better suited for your skin and won’t smell like raspberries or candy (but hey if you like those, be my guest!)

Okay here we go. Step by step. Some must-haves for your skin care:

A good face wash: Soap is too harsh for facial skin and will strip it off natural oils. Use an oil free, mild face wash. Use a teeny tiny bit and wash your face twice a day, morning and night.


Splurge: Amongst the high end brands, Kiehls and The Body Shop make good face washes.

Save: Garnier, Pears, Lakme, Nivea.

PS: Honestly, I would say avoid face wash if you can go natural. But not many of you would appreciate washing your face with besan, so, stick to face wash.

Sunscreen: Yes you are a big boy and you used to play cricket in the sun and nothing happened but you were a kid then! Your skin changes as you grow up. So grow up and start using a sunscreen 😛

Choose an oil-free sunscreen with SPF 20, or higher if you plan to be in the sun for longer. Apply it 15 mins before you go out of the house on all exposed skin. And yes, even on cloudy days.

Neutrogena and Kaya sunscreens are my favourite. You could also try Garnier for men or Lakme (a bit oily in my opinion).

Moisturizer! : A heavy duty one if you have dry skin. And a light, oil-free one for oily skinned lads.

My recommendations: Dry skin: Dermalogica dry skin range or Nivea. For oily skin, Clean & Clear works best.

In case you have dry skin all over, go for a body lotion too. And a body butter during winter. The Body Shop makes delicious ones, but your regular Vaseline does the trick pretty well too.

Lip balm: Don’t you dare forget those lips! Nobody likes chapped lips. They ruin the look of your face, your smile, your kiss. Now you wouldn’t want that! Reco: Burt’s Bees, Kiehls No Shine Lip Balm.

Treatment products: In case you have acne, you need something extra to treat those annoying zits. Benzoyl Peroxide .025% used at night works very well. If you have severe acne, consult a doctor.

Got dark circles? Well, honesty, they can be genetic so you cannot remove them, but you can reduce them. Under eye creams and even cucumber slices and tea bags help reduce their appearance.

There you go! 5 essentials for healthier looking skin! Not that difficult to do now, is it?

Until next time, keep rocking, keep shining 🙂


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