Say No To Compromise – A Roundup of #AbSamjhautaNahin Sessions at Kolkata Literary Meet

The majestic Victoria Memorial

I was fortunate to have attended the recently concluded Kolkata Literary Meet. Surrounded by books, authors, poets, artists and filmmakers, what more could I have asked for? The venue was charming as well. Kolkata and the Victoria Memorial served as great hosts for this fabulous event.

As a vocal advocate of women’s rights, I was delighted to see that Vivel had organized some very engaging sessions under their property #AbSamjhautaNahin. Do you remember the video that Big B had done? These sessions at Kolkata Literary Meet were in continuation of this.

These sessions were mainly on how it is high time that women lead a life of no compromise. For centuries, women have led half lives. Compromising for their familes, their husbands, their children. Holding back their desires, their dreams, their aspirations. Women have lived with clipped wings. I am so glad to see that the conversation to lead a full life as a woman, is happening now.

Chitra Banerjee talks about her books, her poetry and life as a female writer

The first session featured Chitra Banerjee, who is a delight to listen to. She is eloquent and smart. Just like her books! Got to learn so much about the life of an author, and as an aspiring one, I cherish that.

“Any man who has any sort of a relationship with a woman, is involved in women’s issues”. I will always remember this apt and powerful line that Ashley Judd said during her session. It was a delight watching her speak. She is unabashed, brave and a total badass. The feminist in me was so happy and honored to be in her presence. Did you see her speaking at the women’s march held at Washington? You must!

Ashley Judd, in conversation with Sagarika Ghose and Ruchira Gupta
Ashley Judd, in conversation with Sagarika Ghose and Ruchira Gupta

Also had the opportunity to interact with the makers of the movie Pink. It is really commendable that they spoke through their film on consent, something that is so simple, but something we don’t talk about or acknowledge enough.

Andrea Tariang and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury talking about their film Pink
Andrea Tariang and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury talking about their film Pink

Team of Pink



A life of no compromise is a basic human right, which millions of women around the world have been denied. Let us hope via the awareness spread by such initiatives, people understand that everyone deserves a full life. Because women’s rights, are human rights.


NEW Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo, Conditioner
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New Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner Review #14DayChallenge 


When Pantene asked me to take the New Pantene 14 Day Challenge, I was very eager to try it because hair fall is an issue that a lot of people deal with and finding solutions to it is difficult. They also sent another brand which was a good thing because I could then do a comparison. 

NEW Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo, Conditioner

Product claims:

Contains Keratin Damage Blockers technology that helps prevent hair breakage caused by damage, resulting in up to 98% less hair fall when used daily.

• Strengthens hair from root to tip
• Prevents damage that results in hair breakage
• Up to 98% less hair fall with daily use

Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner come in white packaging with golden flip tops. The packaging seems sturdy enough to travel with, as well. The products are creamy and thick in consistency. The shampoo and conditioner have a nice, mild fragrance which keeps your hair smelling fresh.

NEW Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo, Conditioner Review

I used the anonymous brand on one half of the hair and Pantene Hair Fall Control on the other. And the difference was stark. Pantene Hair Fall Control shampoo and conditioner made the hair softer and more manageable. That makes the hair easier to brush, and I could definitely notice the reduction in hair fall. While hair fall can happen due to many reasons, a lot of them are complex. It is difficult to get to the root of the problem with just a change pf shampoo. However, one of the major causes of apparent hair fall is hair breakage. And hair that is damaged, frizzy and weak is more prone to breakage. A product that makes the hair softer and less prone to breakage is a boon.

NEW Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo, Conditioner

I have struggled with oily scalp, very dry hair and hair fall as well. I noticed that with New Pantene, my scalp felt cleaner, better cleansed and yet my hair didn’t feel super dry and dehydrated. It left my hair feeling shinier and less prone to breakage. My ends are pretty damaged, and I usually have to apply a LOT of serum post washing to make them softer. But after using New Pantene, the ends did seem softer than usual, which was pretty amazing actually.

My hair is pretty voluminous on its own and the shampoo added even more volume, but it did not make my hair frizzy. Frizziness is always a concern with bog, voluminous hair.

Overall, this is a good buy for the price, and especially for people with normal to oily scalps and hair fall issues.

New Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo Price: INR 110/- for 180 ml 

New Pantene Hairfall Control Conditioner Price: INR 55/- for 75 ml

What I loved:

  • Makes hair softer and shinier 
  • Available in all departmental stores
  • Sturdy packaging 
  • Not expensive

What I didn’t love:

  • Contains parabens

I hope you try this out if you are struggling with hair fall and breakage.

The product was sent in by the brand for review.

I took the #14DayChallenge as a part of  product review activity at BlogAdda in association with Pantene

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The Body Shop Colour Crush Shine Lipstick – First Impression, Review and Swatch (shade no 18)

While I’m an eternal lover of red lipstick and also darker shades of red like burgundy, I keep coming back to pink lips. Nothing like a bright pink lip to brighten up your day and liven up your face. I go through phases where I wear pink lips every day and then I have a phase when I divert my attention to  oranges and nudes; red is always a staple. These days I’m in my pink lips phase, and I possibly came back to it thanks to Tina, the protagonist of Love, Whatever That Means, the book I just finished, and loved.


Tina loves pink lipstick, and expresses so quite often in this fun book! Having rediscovered my love for pink lips, I decided to try this beautiful pinky coral shade by The Body Shop from their Colour Crush range.


Product Description by the brand: This irresistible lipstick gives a sheer wash of color with a sorbet-fresh shine. Each moisture-rich lipstick is infused with a delicate rose fragrance. – Finely-crushed pigments for fresh, bright color – Conditions and moisturizes lips – 10 shades – Delicate rose fragrance.


Here are my thoughts.

The color is absolutely gorgeous and would suit most people. It is a subtle wash of pink. As far as the formula goes, it is buttery smooth and soft. It kinda reminds me of the Revlon lip butters but this is sheerer. The lipstick glides on the lips like a lip balm. I did notice that it tends to settle in the creases, so I would urge you to make sure your lips are in great condition before you wear this.

Most of the time, I do prefer lipsticks that are highly pigmented and give great color payoff. But there are days when I just want a hint of color and for such days The Body Shop Colour Crush Shine is perfect.
What I liked:

  • The texture is super smooth and soft.
  • The color is pretty!
  • Devoid of any parabens and nasty things.

What I didn’t like:

  • The color payoff might be disappointing for some.
  • Doesn’t last long; also transfers.

All in all, this is a good range for days when you want a hint of color and lots of shine.

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks are priced at Rs. 895 and you get 3.5 g of product.



Travel Snapshots – Goa 2016

Oh hi!

Just thought I’ll share some snaps from a recent vacation.

I was in Goa recently for a short vacay with my brother and some friends. Goa is my happy place. I can go there over and over and never get bored. I crave for it more in fact.

This time I went to Vagator, Arambol, Anjuna, Candolim and Calangute. North only, because it wasn’t peak season and we wanted to party and all that jazz. Next time I’m staying in South for sure. Palolem is on my wishlist! Here are some photos from my latest Goa trip.

If you would like some suggestions on where to go, where to party, where to eat, do let me know in the comments below 🙂

sunset at vagator beach goa
Sunset at Vagator

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Let’s Talk about Blogging

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I am currently baffled. Today I thought of writing about my blogging journey and experience, so I went back to my first ever post to see when I wrote it…and I am amazed to see that I had published it exactly 8 years ago. Unbelievable. How did I think about writing this exactly on the same date? Aren’t such coincidences bizarre? Is this a sign…of something? Continue reading “Let’s Talk about Blogging”