Say No To Compromise – A Roundup of #AbSamjhautaNahin Sessions at Kolkata Literary Meet


The majestic Victoria Memorial

I was fortunate to have attended the recently concluded Kolkata Literary Meet. Surrounded by books, authors, poets, artists and filmmakers, what more could I have asked for? The venue was charming as well. Kolkata and the Victoria Memorial served as great hosts for this fabulous event.

As a vocal advocate of women’s rights, I was delighted to see that Vivel had organized some very engaging sessions under their property #AbSamjhautaNahin. Do you remember the video that Big B had done? These sessions at Kolkata Literary Meet were in continuation of this.

These sessions were mainly on how it is high time that women lead a life of no compromise. For centuries, women have led half lives. Compromising for their familes, their husbands, their children. Holding back their desires, their dreams, their aspirations. Women have lived with clipped wings. I am so glad to see that the conversation to lead a full life as a woman, is happening now.


Chitra Banerjee talks about her books, her poetry and life as a female writer

The first session featured Chitra Banerjee, who is a delight to listen to. She is eloquent and smart. Just like her books! Got to learn so much about the life of an author, and as an aspiring one, I cherish that.

“Any man who has any sort of a relationship with a woman, is involved in women’s issues”. I will always remember this apt and powerful line that Ashley Judd said during her session. It was a delight watching her speak. She is unabashed, brave and a total badass. The feminist in me was so happy and honored to be in her presence. Did you see her speaking at the women’s march held at Washington? You must!

Ashley Judd, in conversation with Sagarika Ghose and Ruchira Gupta

Ashley Judd, in conversation with Sagarika Ghose and Ruchira Gupta

Also had the opportunity to interact with the makers of the movie Pink. It is really commendable that they spoke through their film on consent, something that is so simple, but something we don’t talk about or acknowledge enough.

Andrea Tariang and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury talking about their film Pink

Andrea Tariang and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury talking about their film Pink

Team of Pink



A life of no compromise is a basic human right, which millions of women around the world have been denied. Let us hope via the awareness spread by such initiatives, people understand that everyone deserves a full life. Because women’s rights, are human rights.


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