Lip Care in Winter

On my lips:
Top pictures: Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm in Cherry Kiss.
Bottom pictures: Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in Berry Pink.
Bottom right corner: Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick in Peach Carnation.

It’s winter time still. Winter is awesome. Beautiful romantic weather, smart clothes, good food, Old Monk, endless cups of coffee, dry chapped lips. Ouch. Oh winter is harsh on your lips. Here’s what you can do to keep them looking pretty and healthy (Hey guys, this one’s for you too. Dehydrated lips are not macho ok?).

  • Exfoliate: During winter time, lips become so dry that dead skin starts accumulating giving you flaky lips. You can use a lip scrub to exfoliate, but my favourite remedy is a much cheaper version: After you’re done brushing your teeth in the morning and at night, brush your lips too. Gently. With a soft brush of course. Gently rubbing some sugar plus olive oil on your lips will scrub them nicely too.
  • Moisturize:  After you are done with exfoliation, slather on your favourite lip balm. My current favourites are Maybelline Baby Lips and Kiehls Lip Balm #1(this one has sunscreen too). There are loads of tinted lip balms out there today. Like Revlon Lip Butters. (I love love love them!) Colour and care! Awesomeness, no? But of course, good old petroleum jelly works perfectly fine too.
  • Licking your lips makes them drier. Saliva evaporates quickly leaving behind parched lips. Avoid licking your lips and use a lip balm whenever your lips feel dry.
  • Drink plenty of water. Hydrate from within.
  • If your lips are severely chapped and painful, apply honey to soothe.
  • Cut down smoking and alcohol. They make your lips super dry.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and fresh vegetables.
  • Smile.

Hope these tips help. Until next time, keep smiling.


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