Review: Revlon One-Stroke Defining Eye Pencil (Blackest Black)

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I never go by promises of brands. Yaa yaaa.. Must be one of their false claims. They must have swatched that kajal for over 5 times to get it so black.. These are my thoughts. Luckily, a guy swatched this AWESOME liner on my arm (and poor guy had a hard time wiping it off later with a cleanser) and like I said in my Delhi haul, two of these ended up in my shopping bag.

Revlon’s One-Stroke liners come in 5 shades. Blackest Black, Glazed Green, Sensous Silver, Blooming Blue & Totally Turquoise and are 532 for 1.2 g each.

What Revlon claims:
– Pencil eyeliner that draws strong lines with a single stroke; incredible silky feel as smooth as a liquid eyeliner
– New silicone gel structure formula
– Superb long-lasting effect and waterproof properties – an eyeliner that won’t smear, smudge, or fade
– The soft core is easily applied around the lash line, even to the inner rim of the eye

Trust me, this is *just* One-Stroke indeed!

Trust me, this is *just* One-Stroke indeed!

What I experienced:
Now let’s be honest, I have very oily lids. Most of the liquid liners smudge while the day goes by and I end up looking like a panda. Also, as fall has knocked our door, we will be blessed (ahem) with loads of rain so I usually do not wing my eyes. BUT:
THIS STUFF IS SO GOOOOD. I liked the liner, it’s so so SO black. Like it’s name, one stroke is definitely enough to keep you smudge-free for the whole day. Tried & tested! This liner is water proof. FINALLY!

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What I liked:
– Blackest Black really is the blackest (pencil)liner I have.
– Doesn’t smudge.
– Glides on easily.
– Is water proof.
– Soft, very creamy.

– Slightly overpriced.
– The pencil needs to be sharpened quite often due to the soft lead. This causes wastage. With daily application, this pencil won’t last too long.
– Stings a bit when applied on the waterline, maybe that’s why Revlon named it a liner and not kohl. The product is solely produced to be applied on the lash line.

Repurchase worthy?
TOTALLY. I am in love with this. Revlon, never discontinue this gem!

How many stars out of 5?

Have you tried this liner & are you as excited as I am, or do you disagree totally? Tell us in the comment section below!

Stay happy!


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