Zest-ing it up in Goa

I was invited by Blogadda to spend the weekend at Zuri, Goa along with 49 other bloggers from all over the country, to drive and experience Tata’s new car, Zest. I’m live blogging this right now along with the other bloggers; some, furiously typing away.

A sturdy drive, an exhilarating experience, a smooth pick up and gorgeous interiors. That’s all I really need in my kind of car. But to my absolute pleasant surprise, the car I tried this weekend gave me all this and more.

Goa is gorgeous any day anyway. Add to that the thrill of driving a beauty of a car, and that’s a perfect weekend right there.

Drove the Tata Zest for 25 kms on the gorgeous Goa roads. What an experience.

Drove the Tata Zest for 25 kms on the gorgeous Goa roads. What an experience.

I’ll confess, I’m not really the kind of person who can comprehend in one go the technicalities and what goes behind the workings of a car. But this weekend made me gain so much insight and so much more respect for car designers and engineers. It’s a tough job, man! The fabulous people at Tata have come up with 29 new features in the Zest, which have not been seen in any car in the market so far. My favorites are the voice command features. They’re calling it Connect Next. The car can read out your SMSs to you, can play a song on your voice command, adjust the temperature to what you say, and it can understand almost all Indian accents.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try out these features because when I’m driving, and that too after months, the road is all I focus on. And Goa roads can be unforgiving. But, extremely gorgeous! The 50 km drive (I drove for 25 of it) was absolutely breathtaking. I do wish we could have driven by the beach though.

As a fashion blogger and lover of style and all things beautiful, what caught my eye was the exquisiteness of the design. The Tata Zest looks strong yet stylish, chunky yet fluid. I would say it matches my style, and in fact I might have to up my fashion game when I buy the Zest 😉

Overall, the drive was a fantastic experience and I was lucky to share it with lovely people.

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