Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Trend: Punk Rock. How to Wear It.

Winter is all about drama. While summer sees a lot of soothing colors and easy, flowing silhouettes, winter shows us glimpses of leather, heavily embellished jackets and striking, dark colors. A statement wine lip or a punk leather jacket or tasseled knee high boots, winter is the time to make a statement.

And this winter it is all about punk rock. From Balenciaga to Givenchy.


Givenchy Fall/Winter 2015-2016



Punk rock is about attitude, about eccentricity, about quirk. Winter elements blend in really effortlessly with the philosophy of punk rock.

Fall/Winter 2015-2016 is about dark, dramatic, edgy and incredibly sexy styling. Think black, marsala, leather, thigh-high-boots, chokers, vampy dark lips.

To be honest, punk is in vogue every winter. So what’s different this year?






Dark nails, an easy way to wear the punk rock trend

This year’s version of punk is sleeker. Punk has always been associated with rebels and rockstars, but that is changing.

Everyone can add little elements of punk to their wardrobe with elements like hints of leather, grungy/punk accessories or a dark lip.


Mac’s “Diva”


Grungy not your thing? Do a glam take on punk by donning a long tartan coat with leather boots. Or go for heavy embellishments. Spikes on shoes or studs on bags or chains on jackets. That’s the beauty of punk rock chic. You can make it your own. Here’s some more inspiration for you. Rock it this winter!

Stay cozy,


Neha xoxo












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