Aannd we are here!

Fashion brought us four closer, despite living in different cities and now we would like to share our style with you.

Are you ready as we introduce ourselves?


Punjabi kudi living in Amsterdam, Manisha’s style is chic, yet minimalistic. She loves accessories. A little purchase like a scarf or a necklace/bracelet can make her day. She  has around 200 pairs of earrings and keeps on buying more. She lives by Coco Chanel’s quote: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”. Immortal fashionistas like Marilyn Monroe and Madhubala made her follow glitz and glamour. For her, fashion is temporary, style is eternal.


Dilli di Preeti loves colour in all that she wears.  She does not believe in matching her outfit with her shoes. Shopping is in her blood. She says it helps her forget all worries, even if it is buying just a nail colour. She is crazy about bags and shoes. She has stopped counting the number of shoes she has. Just like every fashionista, she dreams of having a walk-in closet someday.


Hailing from Bombay, Priyanka’s style mantra is – simple, comfortable and classic. Red lips. And bling. And while we are at it, some more bling. Fall fashion is her favourite. Lives in a world where she owns 20 Burberry trench coats. And it also snows in Mumbai. Voila! Yes, her world is pretty awesome like that.


Having lived all over the country from Calcutta, Guwahati, Jalandhar, Nagpur, Pune, Indore, Chandigarh and now to Bombay, my style is eclectic. I could be nerdy one day, vintage the second and girly the third. Shoes are my first love, followed by makeup followed by jewellery followed by clothes. I enjoy mixing and matching stuff from my wardrobe creating different looks. Oh and I am obsessed with kohl, oxfords and cocktail rings.

We are super excited to bring you posts on fashion, style, skincare, and all things related to style and glamorous goodyness that we go gaga over! Hope you are as excited about us sharing our passion with you.

Until next time, shine like a rockstar 🙂


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