Colourblocking: how to and how N-O-T to!

Greens, yellows, oranges, reds, purples, blues and I could name all colours of this season, but I would be naming the rainbow instead of presenting you an article about COLOUR BLOCKING.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this would be the nth time you’re reading a post about this as the ramps and models and designers have presented you this already, but still I am going to give it a try.

The base of colour blocking is simple. Mix and match two colours. I also liked this trend and started experimenting. I really enjoyed it till my dad once came up and said: are you going to audition for a Mera Naam Joker remake? Then I knew that I wasn’t going a-la Vivienne Westwood, but was looking like a clown instead, thanks dad.. That demands some more information about colour blocking!

Colour blocking is as simple as making a two minutes Maggi, but to make a successful bowl of Maggi, you need the right ingredients. Colour blocking demands the same right ingredients in the form of colours.

–          NEON COLOURS ARE HOT! I hope I don’t have to repeat this for another season now. Take out your pink neon bag, your yellow sneakers, which have been under dust for years now. Don’t have flashy neon clothes/accessories? Dig in your nail lacquers collection and put on that hot purple shade you’ve been waiting to apply on since forever!

All it takes is a bit of your own creativity!

–          1,2,3? Max 3. What? Stick to a maximum of three colours. Why? Well, you wouldn’t like it to walk on the street and get an opening line in the form of: are you rubik’s cube? Because I’d love to solve you. Gah!

–          Basically, don’t forget the base! A black waist belt or grey boots have never harmed anyone, so along with the colour pop, try to flirt a bit with blacks and greys. After all, they’re the darlings we run to when we don’t know what to wear!

–          CLASHY CLASH: clash colours. Don’t forget, colour blocking is all about experimenting. Try to combine reds and pinks. Dark green and a lighter shade of green to compliment each other wouldn’t be the worst mistake of your life either.

Good luck combining ladies.
Here’s Manisha signing off, till next time.

Stay lovely, stay fashionable ❤

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