Indradev keh gaye humse, aisa kalyug aayega.. Duniya mein aisi thand phelayenge, manush pareshaan ho jaayega!

Hehe, you get a great remix if you sing that on ‘Ramchandra keh gaye Siya se’ 😀

Jokes apart, I am here to talk about layering.. Well of course you can make layering look fashionable. That’s why you’re reading this on Beautifour, right?

Hate it or love it.. You CAN NOT ignore this style of clothing if you live in Kashmir/Delhi/Bangalore/Chandigarh/Amsterdam/Whole of Europe.

Layering is not a fashion statement. Nor is it a trend. It’s more of a comfort support to survive snow and minus temperatures.

A very wise girl (Priyanka) said: anything more than one piece of clothing on one same body part is layering. I would love to agree with that. (My idea of layering a few years back was wearing a legging under a pair of jeans cause it was too cold. HAHAHA!)

Layering sucks because of one reason only: it tends to look too plain and gives you a ‘oh-I-had-to-wear-clothes-because-it’s-cold-but-I-really-didn’t-feel-like-looking-in-the-mirror-before-stepping-out-look too soon.

Tips for layering:

– Stick to a maximum of 3 layers in order to prevent bulkiness. We still need to be able to gulp down our winter depression with chocolates, right?

– Theme the layers! I usually theme my layers like a corporate look. Here I wear a formal white shirt layered with a black blazer (sleeves rolled up). Bottom layers would be a pair of tights with a grey pencil skirt. Shirt tucked in skirt and voila, aren’t you business woman of the year.

– Layer ideas for the bottom would be: a pair of slim fit jeans (we call them jeggings nowadays, hehe) tucked in your boots/UGGs, Expose (over the knee) socks to make things look cute.

– Accessories can be used for layering also. Combine 2-3 necklaces which you have worn only separately till now to get a feel of accessory layers. Also, I believe you must have heard the term arm candy more than once these days. More is more!

Here I layered recently. You can see how I tucked in the oversized shirt in my jeans and the jeans in my wedges. This is one layer only, but called layering anyway 😀

What are your favourite styles of layering? Or don’t you like to layer clothes?
Tell us in the comments! We’re all ears.

Here’s Manisha signing off, till next time.

Stay lovely, stay fashionable ❤

5 thoughts on “LA..LAYER..LAYERING!

  1. Priyanka says:

    I love your wedges, your pink top and your bracelets. I love layering but wish the weather around here allowed me to do more of it.


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