Overcome harsh winters in STYLE

How about we start with a simple game. I say winter and you tell me what you associate with wintertime. Hot chocolate? Mmm. Lying curled up on your sofa? Ah-uh. Ugly, woollen sweaters? WRONG! I say boots, scarves, hot skirts, berets and loads of accessories! Winter is all about showing off every single accessory you own.

Bet you’ll ask me how? Here are some simple tips to overcome the coldest of winters in style.

  1. Scarves

Winter is the perfect season to show off your scarves. Be it the traditional long woollen ones, the hot infinite scarves or even your summer scarves can be of a help during this season just to rock your boring winter outfit.

2013-01-08 21.24.35

  1. Watches

Bet women wear watches simply to look chic. We look for the time on our phones now! Watches are hot, girls. Very, very hot. Try to match your rose gold (or any other) watch with more armcandy. Say hello, fashion police!

  1. Earrings, neckpieces, bracelets, rings.

Winter is the best time to layer those accessories. So sweat not! (pun intended 😉 )

Beware though, while matching your accessories with that striped tee and galaxy tights. Too many prints make the whole outfit an eye-catcher itself, no need to accessorize much.

  1. Boots, boots, boots!

Boots – love ‘em or hate ‘em, you seriously can’t avoid them during wintertime. A pair of UGGs or be it leather ones, or the sexy high heeled numbers! To protect your perfectly pedicured feet it’s a must to have nice cozy socks and shoes before you step out. We wouldn’t recommend pumps, as our dearest Lord up above has his will to let it snow in some parts of the world.

2013-01-08 21.40.26

  1. Hairstyles

Your hairstyle completes your outfit. Wintertime allows all types of hairstyles. Braids, buns, ponytails or the beautiful bangs you have been longing to go for.

Play with your hair and add floral or quirky hair accessories to make it even more interesting.

6. Makeup

The most perfect weather to play with makeup and coloured liners/mascaras/kohls. Like here I tried blue kohl and it came out great!

2013-01-08 21.30.54

Here’s Manisha signing off, till next time.

Stay lovely, stay fashionable <;3

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