Pimp your wrist!

Heeeelloes ladies (guys, if you read this: *waaavesss*)
First of all, wishing you a verryyy happy and prosperous 2013. A bit late, but my first post this year so I can still get away with it 😛

So today I am going to show you how to pimp your wrist with the season’s very popular arm candy!

Arm candy is nothing but a nice mix and match of watches, bangles, bracelets, cuffs. And LOADS of them.

Wanna see how I stack up and flaunt my babies? Read on..

Photo 16-01-13 15 48 26

There are no rules or such but yes, wearing heavy earrings AND a statement necklace AND arm candy can take your outfit to the ‘too much hai’-factor.
Also, I would advise to stick to a ”theme”. Don’t overdo it with the colours as you wouldn’t want to walk around like a rainbow look-a-like.

Here’s my arm candy, themed by yours truly!

I  themed this armcandy with summer colours and neons. I tried to keep it a bit vintage (which is more my style) by adding gold/silvers.

2013-01-16 15.56.562013-01-16 16.23.16

Then, I woke up from this summer dream and decided to do a winter edition also! Blues, browns, and my favorites stacked up look like this:


2013-01-16 16.38.03

The last. But certainly not the least, is basic arm candy. I cheated a bit here because it’s an H&M bracelet set and a bit of showoff of my new Michael Kors Rose Gold watch. Heeehee. Christmas gift.
But, fun nevertheless. It’s very nice and formal. I wear this combination a lot when I attend college. It’s a bit more subtle and easier to combine.

2013-01-16 16.46.18

That’s about it, guys! How did you like my arm candy? How do you like arm candy in general? Any tips/tricks?
Do tell us in the comments section.

Loads of love, Manisha

4 thoughts on “Pimp your wrist!

  1. ruchikhangte says:

    Nice loved the colour combinations now a days v hav many options
    plastic bangles
    wooden bangles
    rustic chains
    Pearls or beads necklaces which can be wrapped around wrist
    many more as per individual’s liking 🙂


    • Manisha Kumar says:

      Agree, so much to choose from! I have combined stuff from Sarojini Nagar market till Aldo till H&M and New Look. I personally like the tie strap (see pink one with flowers) a lot and have used it for one of my instagram pics also. Here’s the link: http://instagram.com/p/kUSZX/. It’s very nice and it has bells on it. Really cute.


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