How to: lashes to kill!

We all know what our eyelashes have to go through. Layers of mascara, eyeliner which isn’t always washed out properly, smudged kohl which got stuck and so much more.
I personally give my eyelashes a pamper day. A day off, just like my skin gets a ‘breathe’ day. Which means: no makeup, only scrubbing, face masks and moisturizing creams.

Back to eyelashes, I get a lot of compliments about my lashes, I have been asked tons of times if they’re fake, because they’re long/healthy en black to the core.
With this post I would like to show you guys how I take care of my lashes once a week. I really like this method and they really look beautiful when coated with one layer of mascara, but also without!

IMG_3897.JPG (2)

Here’s what you will need for the care:

  • (almond) Oil (I use baby oil :P)
  • Mascara brush (I have one which has never been used to put on mascara with, but you can use an old brush.. Make sure you wash it out really well before use)
  • Eye cream/night cream
  • Water

Please don’t be distracted by my huge, scary dark circles.. I clicked these pictures right after my exams so I totally put the blame on Freud/Jung/other psychologists and sociologists and politicians. Sigh.

So yeah.

– Firstly, start off with a really clean face. Do this after you’ve taken off your makeup.
Wash and pat dry your eyelashes, make sure to be careful, lashes are the most sensitive hairs on your skin.
– Take a bit of almond oil and put it on your lashes, brush through with your brush.
– Leave it on for like 2 hours or so.
– Wash it off with lukewarm water.
– Put on your night cream with circling movements around your eyes.

PicMonkey Collage

Here’s what you will need for the eye makeup:

  • Mascara
  • Kohl/eyepencil
  • Lashcurler

– I always start off with a clean face. After foundation I usually start off with the eyes.
– Put on kohl on your waterline (white kohl makes your eye look bigger).
– Curl your lashes.
– Put on mascara (and apply another coat if you’re not satisfied).
– Blink trice and you’re ready to go!

IMG_3917.JPG (2)

IMG_3930.JPG (2)

Hope you guys liked my method. Please comment below on how you care for your lashes 😀

Till then,

Manisha is signing off. See ya laterrrr. xo.

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