What to gift your male valentine?

As we all know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you might find Valentine’s day one of the most romantic days everrrrr OR you find it hyped and very commercialized. Either way, you can’t ignore Valentine’s Day when committed.
Like we all know, it’s extremely tough to find a gift for guys. You don’t want to get repetitive.


Below, I have listed some nice gift ideas for all types of guys. I have put a direct link under each pic, so it’s easy to order.

The sporty boyfriend:
He doesn’t care about any Valentine’s Day because he reads it as Valentino (Rossi) Day. If Manchester United plays, he only stays glued to his tv and he can play football like van Persie and Messi, saves goals as van der Sar and is devoted to Sachin Tendulkar. He is your sporty boyfriend and irrespective of his love towards sports, he loves you too so you buy him a gift!

1. Puma sneakers. Rs.2799



2. Fastrack Sports Analog Watch. Rs. 1195



The bookworm boyfriend:
He is working all the time and has no time for anything. He loves reading and when he’s not with you, he would be with his second love which are HIS BOOKS!
You love watching him while he reads because that’s when his passion shows.

1. The Griffin & Sabine Trilogy $149.



2. (verrrrrrrryyy) Cute bookmarks. Rs. 150


The nerdoo boyfriend:
He knows all release dates of all iPhones/iPads/iPods/Samsungs by heart. He knows
exactly who sued whom cause that company copied that feature of that company’s phone. Phieeeww!

1. Razer Deathadder Gaming Mice. Rs. 2,355.



2.Calculator with photo frame. Rs. 850


The business tycoon boyfriend:
Well, or not yet. He rushes to office daily and is very organized. He likes to be updated about
world happenings and is very bright in mathematics. Well, what more do you need!

1. Moleskine Extra Large Weekly Notebook. Rs. 1583



2. Parker Ambient CT Gift Set Pen Set. Rs. 2400



The movie buff boyfriend.
His name might not be Rahul, Raj or Prem and yours might not be Pooja, Simran or Anjali, but
he totally is a movie buff and calls you to watch the newest releases with him every friday.
Also, he remembers Bollywood dialogues as if he has done Phd. in Bollywoodology.

1.Centenary Of Indian Cinema: Safar 100 Saal Ka. Rs. 1500



2. Bollywood A History 1ST Edition. Rs. 375



Well ladies, that’s about it!
Hope you have some inspiration on how to pamper your guy this Valentine’s Day.

For the single ladies out here, worry not! Shop for yourself & be your own Valentine! 🙂

I had so much fun doing this post, hope you liked it.
Special mention to Vivek & Aayush for helping me out with selecting gifts 🙂 Thank you soooo much guys! ❤

Do tell us in the comments how you are celebrating Cupido’s Day this year & enjoyyyyy.

Till next time,
Here’s Manisha signing off, stay gorgeous.

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