So, what exactly is a BB cream?

What are BB creams?

What are BB creams?

Every cosmetic company under the sun has launched a BB cream now. As I saw a few conversations on my twitter timeline, I realized that many women are not really aware of what a BB cream actually is. Among the uproar they created in the market, looks like these cosmetic companies actually forgot to tell us what exactly they are trying to sell anyway. Well, Beautifour to the rescue!

I have tried two BB creams so far. Maybelline and Garnier. I will be posting a comparison post soon after this. As of now letโ€™s just see what a BB cream actually is.
BB creams have been around in the Asian markets for a very long time. Korean beauties swear by them. A trend that started there has now spread world over. Originally known as blemish balm or beauty balm, it is a multipurpose product that packs in the goodness of primer, moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen. Along with skin care properties. A BB cream provides a hint of coverage and protection. Woah! So much in one product? Sounds great for us busy bees!
It is. I do not wear foundation but I like wearing BB creams because they are much lighter on the skin and do not feel like makeup. I especially like to wear one on days my skin looks and feels dull.
Have you tried BB creams? Which ones do you like?

16 thoughts on “So, what exactly is a BB cream?

  1. shwetajani01 says:

    Hi, I have been using garnier bb cream since last 15 days. Don’t see much of a difference, but the good thing that it works as a light weight foundation + moisturizer


  2. Himz says:

    I am using bb cream by Garnier for a long time now. For me, it’s the best office makeup. It’s easy light weight doesn’t look or feel caky and serves as a nice something on face. Foundations might get sticky bt it doesn’t. I do wish to know what this cc cream is all about….


  3. That Cheesecake Girl (@SaaliKhushi) says:

    Hey Neha! Just the post I was hoping you’d do… Been using Kiehls’ BB cream for a while now. I have oily skin and with this cream, I feel absolutely safe and carefree about my face. Feels like just – not too oily, not wearing off. Please do use this product and give us your take on it ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Bhawyya Mittal says:

    my skin is very very very oily.. i have pimples on my face and people tease me a lot for that.. i don’t know what to use.. i have tried garnier, biotique, neutrogena n clean n clear.. initially clean n clear was good.. but again the situation is same after a month! I am frustrated! Please do help me out!


    • beautifour says:

      Hey Bhawyya,
      It sounds like you have an acne problem, tried visiting a dermatologist? You may have an allergy to a certain ingredient which is causing irritation.

      Please do check with a skin specialist to confirm the acne problem, acne is curable. Don’t worry.

      And about people laughing at you, let them! You just value yourself. People really don’t matter.

      Tight hugs! – Manisha.


  5. nidhivyas says:

    Simple facewash will remove a BB cream or you need to remove it using make up remover? I tried Maybelline for a week and there were red rashes ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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