5 Ways to Spruce Up Any Outfit Instantly

5 Ways to Spruce Up Any Outfit Instantly

The difference between a good outfit and a great outfit could be just a matter of addition of 1-2 elements. You can take the most classic and basic of ensembles and shape it according to your style and personality. I often get asked how I look put together so often and to be honest, it is just a matter of taking a few seconds and adding one or more of these elements. Here are 5 ways to instantly spruce up any outfit!


Adding a bright colored or printed scarf to your ensemble takes it to the next level. Psst, French women do this all the time! Not only does a scarf look chic, it also keeps you warm and cosy. Win win!



A statement necklace screams that you put way more effort into your outfit than you actually did! Easiest way to look put together.

statement jewelry

Layer it up:

Add a blazer on top of jeans, a jumpsuit, a shift dress, a maxi dress, anything! Instant way to make your outfit look more polished.


Bright lips:

A bright lipstick in red, orange, pink hues will not only take your outfit to the next level, you can just wear the lipstick and skip all other makeup in case you are in a hurry.

bright lips


Sunglasses add that oomph factor to an outfit. Something you can take advantage of while you are out and about in the sun.


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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Spruce Up Any Outfit Instantly

  1. Novemberschild says:

    Accessories are important because they spice up an outfit, especially a very simple one such as jeans and T-shirt. When you start purchasing accessories a whole new world of possibilities will open up with the wardrobe you already own. When you’re frustrated with your wardrobe, don’t go and buy more clothes, buy accessories.


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