3 Trends You Need to Know for Spring/Summer 2016

spring summer 2016 trends

One quarter of the year is gone and I feel like it had just begun! Did I just blink and miss it? Crazy! Just yesterday it was winter and now we are suddenly heading straight into summer like a boulder rolling downhill! Ah but I like summer. Summer fashion is fun, quirky, colorful and young.
While summer staples like whites, floral and pastels hardly ever go out of style, here’s a look at some off-the-wall and yet very wearable trends that you could try this year.

Romantic Maxi Dresses

We predicted way back in October, looking at the fashion week trends, that the 70s is going to be huge in spring summer 2016 and it is. A maxi dress, whether printed or solid color, is an easy thing to style. Throw on a pair of metallic flats and a crossbody bag to complete the look. Go embrace your inner flower child!

spring summer 2016

Floral gone wild

Speaking of flowers, floral will always be a trend for spring summer but this time, the flowers have gone bolder! Think more graphic, more eccentric.

spring summer 2016

The Slip Dress

Remember Carrie’s naked dress from Sex and The City?

One look at SS 2016 runway reveals that the slip dress is going to be the thing for 2016. 2015 saw a complete transformation of the slip dress from a boudoir piece to a chic staple. The slip dress is reminiscent of the 90s when Kate Moss made a strong case for it every now and then while looking fabulous in it. Today, the slip dress has made a comeback but I have to say it’s a tricky trend to carry. However, if you are feeling adventurous enough, pair one with a boyfriend blazer and heels and rock the dress! I am going to definitely try, as well. A black slip dress for parties is on my shopping list!

spring summer 2016

Summer 2016 looks like it’s going to be fun!

Until next time,

Stay stylish.



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