Being You

Stressing over a zit is okay. Letting it affect your mood and confidence is not.

How much is too much while thinking about appearances?

I’m a beauty and fashion blogger. Since we started the blog, people perceive me as being all about fashion and trends, and shallow and obsessed with appearances. I am not. You will usually find me in my sweatpants at home and my face devoid of makeup. I do not judge people based on what they wear, although I will give you loads of compliments if you are dressed fabulously.

Everyone is a little shallow these days. We are under a lot of pressure to look good all the time and wear the latest of trends. Everything is about appearances these days. All everyone ever talks about is how much money they spent on clothes and shoes. People judge. People comment. I have been called thunder thighs, man-faced, dog-faced, fat etc by people on social networks. Interestingly, most of these were girls. It amused me initially, hurt me a little when friends got involved, and later it made me indifferent to all kinds of crap. I like being photographed so I will be. I like writing about fashion so I will. I do not proclaim to be an expert. I write because I love it.

Do not believe what people tell you about you. Whether good or bad. If you must, believe the good. Ignore the rest. Dress the way you like. Hang out with people you like. Do not be afraid of makeup if you like it. Do not use makeup if you do not like it. Do not judge. Do not succumb to judgment.

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13 thoughts on “Being You

  1. Rita says:

    Not much of a Fashion person. But loving all the posts! Keep up the good work 🙂 looking forward to more awesome posts.


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