7 Tricks To Look Slimmer Instantly

First things first. I am not an advocate of a thin, skinny body. I love my body in whichever state it is and I love women who love theirs. As long as you are healthy and comfortable, to hell with such blog posts! Just keep doing what you love. But there are days when we want to look our best, and maybe, a few pounds lighter. Read on, for one of those days.

Good Posture

More often than not, it is our bad posture that is making our bellies look bigger, boobs droopier and necks shorter.

Here’s what my choreographer told me when I learned to walk on the ramp: Imagine a string going from your head to the ceiling and  you are suspended from the ceiling. Push your shoulders back, chin up, belly tucked in. Always. No matter what you are wearing. Trust me, you will look taller, leaner and not to mention, relieved from back ache.

There are many articles and videos out there that tell you how to improve posture. But you know what, ask a friend, or somebody you spend a lot of time with, to remind you to stand/sit straight every time you slouch. Pretty soon it will become a habit.

Source: pinterest.com

Source: pinterest.com

Nude shoes

Every celebrity and their stylist know this. I am sure it is engraved in their fashion rule book. Nude shoes elongate your legs and make you look taller and slimmer at the same time. Pumps work the best. Make sure the shade of nude matches your skin tone as much as possible. Your legs will look super long! Especially recommended when you are going to be photographed.

Source: blakelivelyfans.co.uk, pinterest.com, pinterest.com

If your legs are short, avoid ankle strap shoes.

Simple funda. Ankle strap shoes make your legs look even shorter. Opt for shoes with no ankle straps like pumps or ballet flats.

Source : dinozze.com, pinterest.com

Source : dinozze.com, pinterest.com

Monochromatic look

What used to be known as matchy matchy is a trend now. A monochromatic look makes you look taller and leaner. And don’t just stick to black. Any dark hues like charcoal, oxblood, emerald or navy will have the same effect.

Source : longhairstyleshowto.com, glamour.com, pinterest.com, iwantpretty.blogspot.mx

Source : longhairstyleshowto.com, glamour.com, pinterest.com, iwantpretty.blogspot.mx

Clean, dark jeans

Please, please stay away from adorned and embellished jeans. Or jeans that are faded at the butt and thighs. You do not want to draw attention where you do not want it to be! Dark, clean jeans look so chic and make you look so much leaner and sexier.

Source : bloomingdales.com, pinterest.com,pinterest.com, blog.lescomposantes.com, pinterest.com

Source : bloomingdales.com, pinterest.com,pinterest.com, blog.lescomposantes.com, pinterest.com

Opt for a V neck

This brings focus to your neck instead of the belly. Wide necklines help to balance wide hips.

Source: mylusciouslife.com, pinterest.com

Source: mylusciouslife.com, pinterest.com

A well fitted bra, and shapewear

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. It is extremely important to give any outfit a sleek, streamlined look. A bra too tight or too loose can make the best of outfits look hideous. The right bra makes all the difference. Also, please invest in shapewear for fitted clothes and dresses. Shapewear is available in so many different varieties now.

Source : pinterest.com, pinterest.com

Source : pinterest.com, pinterest.com

Incorporate 2-3 of these tips and you are good to go. Here’s to a sexier you!

Until next time,

11 thoughts on “7 Tricks To Look Slimmer Instantly

  1. Himz says:

    I totally agree with all points you’ve mentioned Neha 🙂 Many people say wearing vertical strips would make one look slimmer n taller but I somehow think its weird to see those vertical lines gone asymmetrical when worn on a plump body. What’s your take?


  2. amatterofinstinct says:

    Wow, these are fantastic tips! And the posture tip is crucial for avoiding back problems, besides–what looks slim and good usually means good health too.


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