5 Tips To Survive A Night Out In Heels

Hello ladies!

Sorry about not updating the blog regularly lately. Some of us are busy tackling work, while some are on vacation, but even then be sure that Beautifour is always thinking of posts full of ideas that we wanna share with you!

Let’s talk about high heeled shoes today. Don’t we just love them? Heels make us look and feel sexier, leaner and more confident. But they are also killers. Literally! They are like feet suicide! But hey, we won’t stop wearing them just for that reason, will we? To be honest, no high heeled shoe is super duper comfortable. But we can do a few things to reduce the pain and be able to wear the heels for longer and avoid blisters.

  1. Buy prudently. Half the battle is won if you buy the right shoe and the right size. More often than not, we end up buying the wrong size and end up with blisters at the end of a party. Here is what I do: if I am going shopping, shoes are the last thing I’ll buy. Because by then my feet would have swollen slightly. That is the size you want. Also, when I am trying on the shoes, I try to stand on my toes as high as I can. If I cannot raise myself on my tiptoes at all, that shoe will not be comfortable beyond one hour. Shoes with a platform below the toes are generally more comfortable than pumps. Choose wisely.
  2. Break them in. The biggest mistake we all make is to wear new shoes to a party. Why would you do that to your poor feet? Break those shoes in, girl! Wear them around the house at least for 2-3 time. Walk around your room while talking on the phone, stand while watching tv etc etc. The shoes will take the shape of your feet and also you will realize where the shoes are biting you the most (you will see why this is important, in point no 3).
  3. Cushioning. Once you have broken in your shoes, you will realize where your shoes are pinching you the most for eg ankles, pinky toe etc. Simply cushion off that area! You can use foot cushions, foot pads, heel cushions or just bandaids. Scholl makes pretty good foot pads and I usually buy them online.
  4. Moisturize your feet. If your feet are dry, the shoes might irritate your skin and increase the chances of blisters.
  5. Maintain good posture. Better posture gives you better balance. You will be much lighter on your feet, and also look leaner. I wrote about this earlier here.

That’s about it. Follow these tips and rock that party!

Any other tips you follow? Do let me know in the comment section below!

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