Outfit: One dress, three looks

While thinking of doing an outfit post with this beautiful coral dress, I realized it can be worn in so many ways! A change of accessories can take your outfit from one occasion to another and from day to night. Here’s how:

Look 1 : Romantic and demure.

Featuring trend: Candy colors and floral.

Perfect for: A date.

Spring is all about candy colors and florals. I am in love with mint and these mint shoes are my current favorite. The bracelet is actually a necklace. It has so many candy colors! Florals have been added with a scarf.

Dress : Bombay High | Shoes : Ginger | Bag : Westside

Beaded necklace (worn as bracelet) : Youshine.com | Scarf : Youshine.com

Look 2: Casual.

Featuring trend: Monochromatic.

Perfect for: A movie or lunch on a hot afternoon.

Monochromatic is a huge trend this season. I played up this casual look with monochromatic accessories (in the same hues as the dress), letting the gorgeous coral color of the dress stand out; and retained the mint shoes from look 1. This is such a breezy, casual look. Would totally wear this on a hot day!



Dress : Bombay High | Bag : Guess | Necklace : Gifted | Rings : Colaba Causeway

Shoes : Ginger | Red Bangle : Kala Ghoda Arts Festival | Gold bangles : Bangalore

Look 3 : Dressed up!

Featuring trend: Statement necklace.

Perfect for: A party or a night out.

I adore statement necklaces. They can uplift any look. This black necklace is my current go-to piece. The combo with the boots and the bag make this one of my favorite looks for an evening out to paint the town red!

Dress : Bombay High | Shoes : Aldo | Necklace : Colaba Causeway

Beaded Bag : Gifted | Watch : Gifted

How would you style it? Which is your favorite look? Tell me!

Until next time, keep rocking!


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12 thoughts on “Outfit: One dress, three looks

  1. Amrita says:

    Need more of these one dress many looks post… specially I get stuck with printed shirts.
    Also I think hair change also helps in overall look change.
    Minus the bead bag I love everything in the pics. Keep ’em coming.


  2. Ruchi says:

    I like the third one.. not crazy about the first
    are u the one who did cant resist 10 minutes add of icecream? I kind of recall u from you neck piece..


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