DIY: Goodbye frizz! Make your own hairmask.

I get a lot of compliments on my hair since childhood. ”Wow, such long hair you have! They’re so nice and curly, wish I had such wavy hair.’ NO YOU DON’T! If you have curls, you know exactly what I mean. Curly/wavy hair demand a lot of attention and care. The tangles, keeping the curls in place and above all: keeping them away from frizz. You’ll always spot a hair elastic around my wrist when I have my hair open.

Today I’ll share a secret (ahem) recipe which I use to tame my hair once in a while. The best thing: you’ll have all of the ingredients right there in your kitchen!


What you’ll need:

– A bowl

– 1 egg (use whole raw egg if you have dry to normal hair, just the egg yolk if your hair is oily)

– Yoghurt 2-3 tbsp (2 for short-shoulder length hair, 3 for medium-long hair)

– Olive oil 2 tea spoons (a good substitute could be coconut oil)

– Spoons to measure.

How to?

Mix everything very well till you get a mask type of mixture. Do not make it too watery. Should look like this:


Apply like this:

Apply from root to end, make sure you apply on scalp too. After applying, I made a bun, works best and that will make sure to keep the mask intact. Wait for about an hour, until it dries. Lastly, follow your regular shampoo routine.

This is how my hair looked like after shampooing (I take my words back, I love my hair :D) :


Try & tell us below if it worked for you?

Loads of love, Manisha

One thought on “DIY: Goodbye frizz! Make your own hairmask.

  1. mystique16 says:

    This has got to me my favorite post of the lot. I would have commented on this when I read it but I wanted to try it by myself before I said anything. And here I am.

    Even if had to be a negative comment, I would have written, but I am happy to say that I was elated with the result after I tried the above on my hair.

    My hair feels so good. Soft. I feel good by this change.

    When I saw this post, I knew I had to try it. A girl who finds all the excuses in the world even to apply oil in her actually found time to do this. Yes. I remember my Mom applying eggs on my hair when I was small, not really knowing why she was doing it to me, but I am really thankful to her for it today 😀

    What i liked more about this post is, just like how in food recipes I like the exact amount of ingredients to be mentioned, Manisha has taken well care about the fact. Also thoughtful enough to mention the alternative oil, Such things sound small but sometimes we may not have Olive Oil in handy and hence we know Coconut Oil would do just fine.

    Also, photos makes it more encouraging for the reader to try it and that was also present. I had discussed with Manisha that I will be trying this and also the fact that I don;t remember the last time I applied oil on my hair. Her words ‘It is never too late to start’ was enough for me.

    Thank you so much for this 😀


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