Spring 2013 Trend Report

When we talk of Spring in India, it's not about jackets or capes or even leather pants. The transition from winter to summer is so short lived that we don't really have an actual Spring. However, the early summer days is all where it starts. From bulky jackets, capes, boots, it's a welcoming change for … Continue reading Spring 2013 Trend Report

Fashion police: 58th Filmfare (2013) Awards’ Red Carpet.

Award shows; love them or hate them, you simply cannot ignore them. For a very obvious reason, fashion lovers love the red carpet event the most. Before this huge event airs on tv and while the stars worked hard to accomplish a black lady, we at Beautifour rated the stars and we would love to … Continue reading Fashion police: 58th Filmfare (2013) Awards’ Red Carpet.

The Golden Globes 2013 – 10 Best Dressed Celebs

It's the awards time of the year again and with that comes our favorite time for celeb spotting. Some hits, some misses and a whole lot of style inspiration to get us through the year. Here are our favorite 10 looks from this year's The Golden Globes. Director Ang Lee and Suraj Sharma escorted the … Continue reading The Golden Globes 2013 – 10 Best Dressed Celebs

Overcome harsh winters in STYLE

How about we start with a simple game. I say winter and you tell me what you associate with wintertime. Hot chocolate? Mmm. Lying curled up on your sofa? Ah-uh. Ugly, woollen sweaters? WRONG! I say boots, scarves, hot skirts, berets and loads of accessories! Winter is all about showing off every single accessory you … Continue reading Overcome harsh winters in STYLE